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Essence pH10 Officially Partners With Survivor Glam Squad to Make-Over Cancer

Essence pH10 officially Partners with Survivor Glam Squad to Make-Over Cancer

Essence Water today announced it has entered into a partnership with Survivor Glam Squad to help further excel the charitable program for cancer patients and survivors.

The charity focuses on self-esteem and image-related issues by hosting free makeover events across the nation helping women and men get back on track after cancer treatment. Essence Water, a high alkaline pH10 Water with Organic Minerals and Hibiscus is donating bottles of this antioxidant water to all Glam events around the country and will donate a portion of sales to Survivor Glam Squad, helping extend makeovers and support in hospitals and salons.

“This year, our biggest mission is to educate others about what they are putting on and into their bodies”, says Survivor Glam Squad founder, Keely Webster. “Our education will be built upon the four principles; Hydrate, Energize, Anti-oxidize, Detoxify. By recognizing that our bodies tend to be acidic due to the common diet, we are so thrilled to offer an incredibly beneficial alkalizing drinking water for the patients and survivors that sit in our chairs.”

Dr. Jason Littleton, Medical advisor for Essence Water is overjoyed with the relationship and looks forward to helping contribute to the education program.

About Survivor Glam Squad

Survivor Glam Squad is a 501c3 tax deductible organization with a mission to sweep the nation, offering complimentary beauty services and education in salons, beauty schools, conventions and hospitals. Please visit the website to learn more about free makeovers or volunteer opportunities.


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