March 25, 2015 America’s Energy Doctor’s 12 Energy Boosters
America’s Energy Doctor’s 12 Energy Boosters

1.Essence water – I love my Essence Water and drink several liters of Essence all day long because of the great antioxidants the hibiscus provides and the sustainable pH10 that keeps my cells alkaline and hydrated. And of course—the taste!

2. Blueberries – Blueberries are my number one favorite energy snack to eat in-between meals (along with almonds) because of the elite carbs they contain along with the powerful antioxidants they have with the potential to help ward off certain illnesses.

3. Flax seed oil – Flax seed oil is something I take in the morning to help me to cognitively be sharp, energized, knowing that the elite fat flax seed oil contains is helping my cardiovascular health and cholesterol.

4. Vitamin C – An essential nutrient we need to help in overall health. I take this daily in the formulation of citrus fruits and vegetables. It has been connected with a wide variety of potential benefits, many still being researched.

5. Vitamin D – I love vitamin D for its potential benefits with energy, bone health, and mood. I take it every morning in the formulation of a vitamin D3 2000 IU daily.

6. Carambola (starfruit)—This amazing fruit is high in vitamin C and potassium also containing awesome polyphenolic antioxidants necessary to combat cellular degeneration and keep the body healthy!! I eat this any and every time I can get my hands on them!!

7. Almonds—Almonds are my absolutely favorite protein and fat to eat in-between meals (with blueberries). They are readily available and easily to carry on the go!

8. Blackberries—I eat them any and every time I can get my hands on them. They’re that good! They are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K, also fiber, which is important in gastrointestinal health!

9. Salmon – I love wild salmon and eat it once a week! Salmon has elite fats and protein necessary for our bodies. Salmon is great for muscle building and cardiovascular health!

10. Olives—Olives are rich in the good fats, which are important for our cholesterol health. Olives are apart of the Mediterranean diet and can help support our energy levels. I eat them raw, on salads, and in pastas routinely.

11. Tomatoes—Amazing source of Lycopene, which is a strong natural antioxidant. There has been some correlation with Lycopene and prostate cancer prevention. Tomatoes have also been linked with helping to have healthy skin! I eat tomatoes virtually everyday with lunch and dinner. Especially in my salads!!

12. Wild rice—Wild rice is simply delicious! It is an awesome source of protein and fiber. It’s easy to prepare and dinner is a great time to have a bowl 2 to 3 times a week!