Dr. Jason Littleton

America’s Energy Doctor

Dr. Jason is the medical advisor for the organization of Essence Water Inc.

Dr. Jason has undergone 4 years of research and investigation about bottled water looking
for natures water and a water that he could confidently recommend to his patients.
After clearly making Essence Water his number 1 choice, he has assisted in answering
several questions for those who enjoy Essence pH10.


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Dr. Littleton’s winning concept is all about designing an Energy Return System, or ERS, for your life by harnessing the inspiration from your goals to establish better habits, in order to execute healthy change. Change will continually give you better health, more time and more energy! Through Dr. Littleton's instruction and coaching, will can learn to Move, Eat, Drink and Sleep effectively, or in other words, take your M.E.D.S., on the platform of organic nutrition and functional yoga.

Essence Water, Inc’s CEO, Joel Gabriel and his team sought out a medical representative and advisor that could understand the importance of alkaline water and what impact a high pH water could have on the human condition.

Dr. Jason has fulfilled every need imagined because of his constant researching and investigation of Essence Water thoroughly to get to the right answers to his questions. Dr Jason's energy and his recommendation of a healthy lifestyle is contagious. Dr. Jason’s continuous support of the things he believes in and uses personally was refreshing. The collaboration between Essence Water and Dr. Jason Littleton is filled with constant education, research and support for a sustainable pH10 water that will shift the way the entire population views hydration and prevention of disease.

Dr. Jason is the medical advisor for the organization of Essence pH10