Dr. Jason Littleton

America’s Energy Doctor

Dr. Jason is the medical advisor for the organization of Essence Water Inc.

Dr. Jason has undergone 4 years of research and investigation about bottled water looking
for natures water and a water that he could confidently recommend to his patients.
After clearly making Essence Water his number 1 choice, he has assisted in answering
several questions for those who enjoy Essence pH10.

Essence pH10 FAQ's:

  • icon-dropHow much water should I be drinking?

    Our kidneys are powerful organs that filter and process fluid and electrolytes to maintain water balance in our bodies for optimum health. When maximally functioning in a healthy person, they can process multiple liters of water a day and maintain a fluid-electrolyte balance required to keep us healthy.

    If we drink water only, we can properly hydrate our bodies by drinking 2 liters of water daily. However, most people will drink other beverages with their daily water intake, and so, since all beverages contain water as the essential solvent, one can drink 1 liter of water daily (I recommend Essence Water’s 1 liter or 33.8 ounce bottle) and can make-up the water difference through the other beverages that they drink.

    For a healthy person actively exercising, drink your full body weight in ounces or approximately 1 gallon or more each day. Essence Water Liter: 33.8 ounces Essence Water Gallon: 128 ounces. This will help recover fluid loses on exercise days.

  • icon-dropShould I drink the water all at once?

    It is best to drink water throughout the day. This way, you can hydrate and replenish essential minerals your body needs while cleansing your body of harmful toxins as your body metabolizes the foods we eat, regulates bodily temperature and confronts the environmental stresses you face as you go throughout the day. One can take 2 Essence Waters 500mL (16.9 oz) bottle and spread them throughout their day by drinking the 1st bottle, for example, ½ of the 500mL bottle before breakfast and the other ½ in-between breakfast and lunch. The 2nd 500mL bottle can be ingested in the time between lunch and dinner (½ of the 500mL) and dinner and bedtime (the other ½ of the 500mL Essence bottle). It is best to drink water ½ hour before meals, 2 ½ hours after meals.

  • icon-dropWhat else should I consider when deciding how much water to drink?

    Great Question! One must consider personal health conditions such as, but not limited to, heart or kidney concerns, pregnancy, nursing, urological problems, hypertension, functionality, swelling states and even age. Climate and heat exposures are other factors to account for. Medications such as diuretics, which help eliminate water, can lead to fluid-electrolyte imbalances if taken outside of doctor recommendations. Caffeine and alcohol diminish the bodies total body water content as well. Check the Hydration Calculator found at BL Water Calculator for more information.

  • icon-dropCan I test the pH levels myself?

    To properly test purified waters, you must use a calibrated pH meter since water this pure will not test accurately with pH test strips or other alternative testing solutions or methods. However, you can test the pH levels of your body fluids by using pH strips that you can purchase at your local grocery store to check the pH levels of your body fluids (saliva and urine) to make sure that they maintain a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. Click here for more information about pH testing here and Essence Water protocol.

  • icon-dropWhy did you add Hibiscus to Essence Water?

    Scientific interest in hibiscus has grown in the last several years, thanks to a small burst of published research studies, especially in regards to cholesterol and blood pressure maintenance. In addition to this, Hibiscus is a powerful antioxidant that can help neutralize harmful free radicals by reducing them and further helping to prevent degeneration of our body’s tissues and organs. Furthermore, the antioxidant reduction reactions that take place in our bodies can help to further oxygenate our cells, protecting them and keeping them healthy.

  • icon-dropCan water help with reflux disease?

    Water may help counteract the irritation that can be caused by pepsin, which is a digestive protease. Here’s the key: pepsin is activated by gastric acid, but it is deactivated by a higher pH. The flip side is that it can be reactivated by the addition of hydrogen ions, thus lowering pH.

  • icon-dropDoes Essence Water have fluoride or chlorine in it?

    NO. There is no chlorine or fluoride and the water is chemical free. The smell and taste of chlorine can be very uncomfortable. Fluoride, on the other hand, has been found to be correlated as a possible carcinogen. Furthermore, it has also been thought to cause gum and dental decay. At Essence Water, our water is purified down to pharmaceutical grade that has zero conductivity.

  • icon-dropIs your water BPA Free?

    YES. The Essence Water Plastic Bottles are recyclable PET1 and BPA Free.

  • icon-dropWill drinking water help my urinary tract infection?

    Drinking water is an excellent choice to flush out the urinary system. A healthy renal system will continue to process our water intake and can help to prevent the seeding of infection from bacteria they may otherwise seed more easily in a dehydrated person. Essence is and excellent source of water to drink to help prevent UTIs.

  • icon-dropAs an active healthy American, how does water affect my day?

    When you drink water daily, you are drinking to your health. Since water is filled with essential minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium), you are continually being replenished with them to help you feel at your best. Hydration leads to energy. Your cells and tissues need to be hydrated to function and carry out chemical reactions in your body, reactions that produce energy, nourish and protect your body, and that also helps process your caloric intake to provide fuel to live on.


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Dr. Littleton’s winning concept is all about designing an Energy Return System, or ERS, for your life by harnessing the inspiration from your goals to establish better habits, in order to execute healthy change. Change will continually give you better health, more time and more energy! Through Dr. Littleton's instruction and coaching, will can learn to Move, Eat, Drink and Sleep effectively, or in other words, take your M.E.D.S., on the platform of organic nutrition and functional yoga.

Essence Water, Inc’s CEO, Joel Gabriel and his team sought out a medical representative and advisor that could understand the importance of alkaline water and what impact a high pH water could have on the human condition.

Dr. Jason has fulfilled every need imagined because of his constant researching and investigation of Essence Water thoroughly to get to the right answers to his questions. Dr Jason's energy and his recommendation of a healthy lifestyle is contagious. Dr. Jason’s continuous support of the things he believes in and uses personally was refreshing. The collaboration between Essence Water and Dr. Jason Littleton is filled with constant education, research and support for a sustainable pH10 water that will shift the way the entire population views hydration and prevention of disease.

Dr. Jason is the medical advisor for the organization of Essence pH10