Essence pH10 Officially Partners With Survivor Glam Squad to Make-Over Cancer

Essence pH10 officially Partners with Survivor Glam Squad to Make-Over Cancer

Essence Water today announced it has entered into a partnership with Survivor Glam Squad to help further excel the charitable program for cancer patients and survivors.

The charity focuses on self-esteem and image-related issues by hosting free makeover events across the nation helping women and men get back on track after cancer treatment. Essence Water, a high alkaline pH10 Water with Organic Minerals and Hibiscus is donating bottles of this antioxidant water to all Glam events around the country and will donate a portion of sales to Survivor Glam Squad, helping extend makeovers and support in hospitals and salons.

“This year, our biggest mission is to educate others about what they are putting on and into their bodies”, says Survivor Glam Squad founder, Keely Webster. “Our education will be built upon the four principles; Hydrate, Energize, Anti-oxidize, Detoxify. By recognizing that our bodies tend to be acidic due to the common diet, we are so thrilled to offer an incredibly beneficial alkalizing drinking water for the patients and survivors that sit in our chairs.”

Dr. Jason Littleton, Medical advisor for Essence Water is overjoyed with the relationship and looks forward to helping contribute to the education program.

About Survivor Glam Squad

Survivor Glam Squad is a 501c3 tax deductible organization with a mission to sweep the nation, offering complimentary beauty services and education in salons, beauty schools, conventions and hospitals. Please visit the website to learn more about free makeovers or volunteer opportunities.


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Drinking Water for More Energy

Drinking Water for More Energy
by Dr. Jason Littleton

Friends, water is so essential to life. We need to drink more water so that we can be in tip-top shape all the time. It is possible. So often, the conventional diet is full of carbonated drinks, energy drinks, caffeinated products, alcoholic beverages, and these things drain us of our energy by dehydrating us. A lot of these products act like a diuretic. Not just that, the food that we eat—some overly processed or even with refined sugar—and the medications that we take all can slow us down. Understand this: We are two-thirds water. I wrote in my book WellSpring: The Energy Secrets To Do The Good Life, that it can be said this way: we are sixty percent water. The functioning of all our cells and all the chemical reactions that take place in our body depend on this very essential solvent.

In Chris Johnson’s book, Meal Patterning, he talks about how about 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated, contributing to illnesses such as renal disease, bronchitis, asthma, skin problems, and other maladies like headaches. Personally, I love drinking Essence pH10 Alkaline Water. It’s full of energy. It’s got important nutrients and electrolytes, such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium, and has a powerful antioxidant: hibiscus. This helps to support a healthy body and a healthy life. This is the water that I highly recommend.

Allow me to share with you some of the benefits of drinking water for more energy:

1. It helps fight dehydration. It replenishes our tissues. It helps to keep the intravascular volume stable. This is the volume of fluid that’s within all our blood vessels, and so essential for transport of cells working to keep us healthy, such as our white blood cells, key immune components and other molecules that help us to be at our best.

2. It helps support a healthy renal system—our kidneys function by eliminating waste and other metabolites out of our body daily. They also keep the important nutrients and vitamins that we need in our body. They’re amazing organs. Every day, when we drink water, we get the opportunity to flush them out. Drinking water can help prevent medical injury, and will continually work for us to keep us healthy and toxin-free.

3. It helps us to detox and it dilutes harmful substances. Water is the great solvent. It helps us to eliminate waste, as mentioned previously, but it also helps to dilute certain substances that could be harmful. Water is simply necessary for all the functions and chemical reactions in our body.

4. It helps us to feel great and energized, by helping us to process and break down our food. This is so important because water helps our body to extract important calories that we need for energy. Not just that, water is part of the very fluid in our bodies that helps transport important nutrients to the end organs to be processed.

Friends, sometimes we can get into a routine where we’re not drinking water as often as we should. If that’s you, this is a great opportunity to go grab a bottle of Essence pH10 Alkaline Water, and to start a regimen. Drink water every day. If you’re highly active, drink at least a gallon of water, because exercise and high activity cause perspiration and can lead to dehydration if we don’t rehydrate. If you don’t exercise often, I would recommend drinking at least a liter of water a day, knowing that you’ll get the other amount that you need from natural juices. If you other medical problems, such as heart or kidney disease, consult with your doctor.

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Dr. Jason Littleton Joins Essence Water

America’s Energy Doctor

Dr. Littleton’s winning concept is all about designing an Energy Return System, or ERS, for your life by harnessing the inspiration from your goals to establish better habits, in order to execute healthy change. Change will continually give you better health, more time and more energy! Through Dr. Littleton’s instruction and coaching, will can learn to Move, Eat, Drink and Sleep effectively, or in other words, take your M.E.D.S., on the platform of organic nutrition and functional yoga.

Essence Water, Inc’s CEO, Joel Gabriel and his team discovered Dr. Jason on Instagram. His posts were filled with energy, his recommendation of a healthy lifestyle was followed by many and his continuous support of products that he believed in and used personally was a breath of fresh air. The collaboration will be filled education, research and support for a sustainable pH10 water that will shift the way the entire population views hydration and prevention of disease.